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Joompac cooperate with Omis company

Omis Company of Ukraine contacted us. After a month of technical and parameter discussions, we finally signed a business contract with us and purchased an open-door Stretch pallet wrapping machine.

Joompac cooperate with Omis company 

Omis is a leading multinational manufacturer and supplier of interior doors, wood products PVC and other products in Ukraine. Its branches are located in Poland, Germany and Canada. They have a very significant influence in the industry. Before they contacted us, The other suppliers consulted failed to meet their requirements in terms of the winding effect and efficiency of the machine. Especially in terms of saving packaging costs, our machine is unmatched by other machines. The company was founded in 2001 in Ukraine.

The advantages of this type of machine are small footprint, simple structure, stable operation, safety and reliability. PLC control system, with frequency conversion speed regulation, can record the current shift output, and the day's shift output, the packaged goods are beautiful and generous, can play the role of dustproof, moisture proof, anticorrosion, and the packaging effect on the door panel and wood is very obvious .

Only if you really consider how to save costs for customers, how to improve work efficiency, how to save time, and patiently explain the machine problems to customers, customers will believe you and are willing to cooperate with you.

Joompac will do our best for every customers

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