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Joompac cooperate with Almik company

After about two months of consultation and negotiation, we finally reached a consensus and started the experimental cooperation. We cherish this opportunity very much and we will do better and better.

ALMIK SA DE CV is a large-scale packaging company in Mexico. It provides packaging solutions for various companies to ensure that customer requirements are met. It has passed ISO 900:2015 international standard certification. The factory is large and located in Monterrey, Mazatlan, Croatia. Retaro, Merida and other four regions have their own factories, many employees, and are well-known in Mexico.

This purchase of our mechanical stretch wrapping packaging machine the machine looks beautiful and generous, the film stretch ratio can reach 1:150%, the film shrinkage rate, the stretch ratio is high, and the appearance is translucent, which greatly saves your time and improves your packaging efficiency. In addition, the machine saves you Packaging cost, small footprint, easy to ship and move.

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