• B100M Full-automatic truss manipulator - stacker machine
  • B100M Full-automatic truss manipulator - stacker machine
  • B100M Full-automatic truss manipulator - stacker machine

B100M Full-automatic truss manipulator - stacker machine

Description:Full automatic truss manipulator - stacker machine for Production line palletizing



This is a kind of fully automatic industrial equipment which is built on the basis of the rectangular X,Y and Z coordinate system to adjust the working position of the workpiece, or to realize the trajectory movement of the workpiece and other functions

Automatic operation flow
Its control core is passed through the industrial controller
(such as: PLC, motion control, SCM, etc.) to achieve

1.Signal analysis processing:Through the controller to various input (various sensors, buttons, etc.) signal analysis and processing
2.Give execution orders:After making certain logical judgment, the execution order is issued to each output element (relay, motor driver, indicator light, etc.)

3.Complete the triaxial motion:Complete the joint motion among the X,Y and Z axes to realize a full set of automatic operation flow

Functional configuration

The manipulator is composed of six parts: structural frame, X-axis component, Y-axis component, z-axis component, jig and control cabinet


01.The definition rules follow the cartesian coordinate system

The structure frame is mainly composed of structural components such as vertical columns, X,Y and Z coordinate axis three motion components as the core components of the manipulator, each component is composed of structural components, guide components, transmission components, sensor detection components and mechanical components

02.Different tool fixture selection

Jig according to the size of the workpiece shape and material, there are different forms, such as: vacuum sucker suction, chuck clamping, tray holding, grab or pin clamp.

03.Intelligent control

It is equivalent to the role of the brain with the mechanical palletizer, through the industrial controller, to collect the input signal of each sensor or button, to send instructions to each executive element according to the established action to execute.


01.Efficient:Each shaft runs in a straight line at a high speed and can be quickly responded by servo motors

02.Stable:Minimal repeatability error up to 0.05MM

03.High strength:7 days *24 hours work, no need to eat, sleep, smoke, etc

04.High precision:Positioning accuracy up to 0.01mm (due to the production cost, positioning accuracy can be enlarged according to the operating conditions)

05.Operation is simple:Given the cartesian coordinate coefficient, the motion parameters are relatively simple

06.High cost performance:Compared with jointed robot, its load weight is large and the production cost is low


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