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The balance of quality and delivery

Strict quality control and efficient production

The balance of quality and delivery


Whenever a customer makes a payment or is about to make a payment, one problem that cannot be avoided is how long the delivery period of the machine is. If it is too short, it does not conform to the actual production situation. If the customer is not happy, the customer complains if it is too long. What kind of delivery time can not only make customers "happy" and make the factory not be troubled? The answer must be based on the strength of the factory. If you cannot stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Everything is explained to the customer based on the actual situation. If the customer wants to shorten the delivery period, then the factory needs to make adequate plans and Arrange to ensure timely delivery.

In the actual production process of the machine, there are countless processing techniques, component installations, and testing links. Once the short installation and testing procedures are just to catch up with the delivery date or other reasons, it will be a major negligence of the seller to the buyer, because the customer The original intention is to receive the goods quickly and ensure that the high quality of the machine at least meets the customer's requirements. Rather than trying everything possible to catch up with the delivery date, it is not as realistic as to explain the delivery date, or the seller or the factory should make concessions and work overtime. Keep up with the date, because the customer is God, and the customer chooses you because they believe in you.


Regardless of how many units our customers choose, we can always deliver them to customers in less than the delivery time of other merchants, because we meet all the non-controversial requirements of our customers, and we have always regarded customer requirements as our service standard. It has also achieved that our customers do not have a record of bad reviews, we do not want to have bad reviews, and there will be no bad review records, because we will try our best to meet customer requirements, and we will also guarantee its quality when the delivery period is short. Absolutely pay customers with the same quality of similar products, our efforts and hardships can only be seen by us.


As a wrapping machine manufacturer, we and our peers both started with packaging machinery. The basic framework, principles, and even accessories between peer machines are very similar. Only innovations are made in some key technologies or details. Therefore, for The machine's delivery time, quality and other issues are all very familiar with each other. Why can we continue to meet the needs of customers and ensure timely delivery? The reason is simple, less greedy, higher efficiency, and stricter requirements. In this way, the purpose will become simple. To produce machines for customers, to improve services for customers, and to improve quality for brand and reputation. This is what suppliers should do. This is the secret of the supplier’s success.
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