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Responsibility, quality return

Do not forget the original intention, quality first
Responsibility, quality return

September is the harvest season. Not only is the crop full of grains, it reflects the harvest, but also the harvest time for the producers. Each machine is produced, packaged, and ready to go. With the train, the merchant ships cross the mountains and the sea. , Reach the other side of the ocean, start the busy life of the packaging machine in the exotic atmosphere.

Our production has no stop, our production has no end. If the customer is anxious to get it, we will speed up the production. If the customer is not in a hurry, we will proceed step by step, but no matter how the customer defines the time, our original intention is that the quality of the machine is the key. A machine that has no quality and is not finished is sent to the customer, because there is no finished machine, no quality machine, and the unusable machine is a pile of broken copper and iron. If it can't be used and can't work, what is the meaning of the production machine? Sending a bunch of problematic machines to the customer, the machine takes a month of sea/rail transportation, the customer clears customs, pays, and then takes the machine back to his factory in a truck to get a bunch of unusable "steel". Isn't this a scam? Is this a packaging machine? Yes, the appearance is, but from the perspective of use, it is a pile of steel.

The above situation has occurred in that country. As long as the responsibility is attributed to the transportation, the customer disassembles and assembles himself, and then disassociates himself from his own responsibility. This is a typical irresponsible performance. During the cooperation with customers, our production deadline has exceeded the original date. I think there is nothing to avoid. This is the first time in recent years. At least we dare to speak out. We are really sorry for exceeding the production deadline, but Due to repeated testing of the machine's functions, we finally shipped the machine with 100% guarantee that there is no problem with the machine. Although we are overdue, there is no dishonest, at least there is no conscience. We guarantee that our machine can work normally. .

The competition in the packaging machinery industry is very fierce. We have been conscientiously producing in this industry, producing and customizing various machinery for various countries, large and small enterprises. We will not do unsure work, will not be silly, and we can do what we can do. What can’t be done is what can’t be done. For commercial activities, integrity and guaranteeing the quality of the machine should be the lowest requirement instead of always talking about it as the highest requirement. If you encounter such a supplier, the quality of the machine can be imagined. Know.

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