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Domestic counterattack, the country’s most important weapon

Go Olympic Games, go domestically produced

Domestic counterattack, the country’s most important weapon

As the Tokyo Olympics came to an end, China topped the list with the largest number of gold medals. Although the total number of medals did not exceed that of the United States, it was enough to shock the West and the North American continent. China will be so close to themselves in just a few decades. The craftsmanship of German Seiko and Japan has to be admired. It has to be said to be of high quality and superb skills. However, China has been at the center of the world since ancient times. Politics, economics, and manufacturing have once stood on the top of the world, even if was looted for one or two hundred years, the short span of 70 years has forced the manufacturing, trade, export, and economy of other countries to be shortened to an astonishing level.

The great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is reflected in all aspects. Take the wrapping machine as an example. In the 80s, 90s and even the early 2000s, they were exclusive to developed countries, and they were all their patents. We only have to buy the machine. What came out, along with a group of entrepreneurs and industrialists with vision and pattern, continued to focus on, continue to study the purchased machines, thoroughly understand them, and re-innovate, only to have the scale and technology of the winding packaging machine industry in China now. Our packaging machine has finally been gradually equal to or even surpassing foreign packaging in terms of quality and price. This has been accumulated bit by bit by doers. Without accumulation and inheritance, how can our packaging machine reach today's scene?

Science and technology are the primary productive forces, and innovation is the first pillar supporting science and technology. Only continuous innovation can make industry and society progress continuously. Our independent development time is less than that of foreign countries, but efficiency is beyond their reach. As we chase and intercept us, the faster we develop, from atomic bombs and hydrogen bombs to chip technology in modern society, from 5G intelligence, to our wrapping machines and wrapping films, we Chinese can not only take the same products themselves bit by bit. Manufactured from scratch, it can take its essence and remove its dross, so that the original product becomes more dazzling and superior in performance.

China is a country with a large population, a large economy, and a large production country. The wisdom of the people is endless. In all aspects, we have achieved achievements that other countries can only achieve for decades and hundreds of years. We have gone from being backward. Advanced, from copying and counterfeiting to research and development, we have the ability to compete with foreign products in all aspects. In addition to very high-end products and equipment, domestic products are almost the most cost-effective. The same applies to winding packaging machines. example,

At the level of wrapping machine raw materials: China has a large population in one industry, which leads to low-price competition, R&D competition, service competition, after-sales competition among enterprises... Therefore, the buyer's choice, economic benefits, seller's product quality, after-sales service... are very rich. This is why in international trade, China has always been a big export country, and my country's packaging machines are very popular in the international market. Price is one aspect, but in the final analysis it is quality, service life, after-sales service and other intangible factors.

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