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Seiko profession, the words of being a family

Precise Matching, Tianfu Exhibition

Seiko profession, the words of being a family

Recently, the typhoon "fireworks" landed on the land of Qilu. Many industrial and commercial enterprises have adjusted their schedules and kept their doors closed. Coincidentally, the Chengdu Zheng xxx exhibition, known as the "land of abundance", is being held in full swing, even if it is also braving the light rain. The crowds of attendees will also forget the continuous rain. As a professional supplier of gypsum board packaging equipment, how can we be absent? No matter how hard it is, I have to go to participate.

We have successfully sold dozens of production lines in packaging gypsum board, plaster, and other industrial products. Please note that it is a production line, not a device. Therefore, we have very rich experience. In the face of intricate products, we only use engineers or The knowledge of professionals cannot face actual problems. Only the combination of experience and knowledge can perfectly solve the problems that occur and the problems of customers. We are such a combination. Numerous cases have proven our strength. The purpose of participating in this seminar is to understand the latest developments in the gypsum board industry, "Know yourself and the enemy, and you will never die." Only if you have enough knowledge of this industry can you be competent for this job. How can the professional knowledge of packaging machine be done well?

At this Chengdu gypsum board exhibition, we have fully understood the latest developments in the industry, and have already encountered the current problems, bottlenecks and prospects of the industry. The current problems faced by the gypsum board industry are basically similar to those before.

Gypsum board packaging, transportation and other issues face huge losses and waste of resources, not only cost, but also huge challenges in packaging efficiency and transportation. These issues have always caused headaches for manufacturers. After all, profit is a little bit. Accumulated by a drop, accumulating more losses is also a very big waste.

After listening to the report, we actively communicated with many gypsum board manufacturers, and found that everyone is also very worried about the transportation and packaging of the industry, which also caused them a headache. For this reason, we based our professional packaging machine Understanding and experience with the gypsum board industry, and effective communication with the manufacturer, we customize the packaging system according to the customer’s site environment and parameters, that is, effectively prevent the waste of resources caused by the gypsum board in the packaging process, improve packaging efficiency, and reduce manpower Cost, only a remote control can be used to control a whole package transfer line without manual labor, both in terms of cost and efficiency are unmatched by manual packaging and transportation.

We are not selling; we are just using our expertise to make a name in our professional field. It is our purpose to help customers solve problems. First-class packaging equipment that shines in the eyes of Chinese and even foreigners is our ultimate pursuit.

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