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Dare to be the first and focus on quality assurance service

Facing the difficulties, excellence is the way to victory

Dare to be the first and focus on quality assurance service

"Made in China" I think this is the best mark I have ever heard. It is not only a proof of the rise of China, but also the most direct indication of the country of origin. The lowercase "china", as everyone knows, means ceramics. China has been civilization since ancient times. , The prosperous agent term. For a time, foreigners were proud of drinking Chinese tea, using Chinese porcelain, and wearing Chinese silk. This is enough to know the high quality and skill of ancient Chinese products, and hundreds of years, even a few hundred years have passed. For thousands of years, foreigners’ evaluations of our products have been a little more "suspicious". Will our products be equated with "low-quality products" and "bargains"? Fortunately, we are constantly improving our production and manufacturing capabilities.

Productivity has been raised, but the "human mind" has not been raised. "The human mind is not ancient" probably means that. Without the ancients' research on a craft, object, and the persistent spirit of "understanding the horns", they are all stuck with "one Doesn’t it mean “fake” and “counterfeit goods” when foreigners pass it over? This phenomenon is not uncommon in the winding packaging machine industry. It has been repeatedly banned. No one has to innovate. Where are so many models, no one has a long-term vision to study and study. Until now, the pallet winding packaging machine still stays on those single machines. There will not be so many machines used in various industries. This is to dare to be the first, and relying on foreign innovation alone will never be better than foreign countries, and foreign countries will always be better than you. Just copying and not innovating, foreign countries will always look down at you and always think you are a low-quality product.

We can be said to be the first batch of manufacturers to research and innovate pallet winding packaging machines. Our engineers have more than ten or two decades of experience. It can also be said that they are the first batch of crab-eating people in China. Now we continue to pay attention to it. The quality of the product is even better than before. It is more difficult to improve the self-inspection threshold and difficulty. It is not only for the better development of the company, but also for the better user experience of the customer. Quality is always the core of customer consideration. The problem is that if a company does not pay attention to quality, it will be a pile of mud that will not be able to support the wall after all, that is, the tarnished image of the Chinese brand also disrupts the market order.

Good order needs to be maintained by everyone. All of our foreign trade sellers belong to foreign trade and export. Then we represent the overall level of the country’s production of the product. If it is entrapped and defrauded by customers, people will only say that it is Chinese. Merchants, the overall impression of our country, the overall decline in evaluation, spreading from ten to ten, coupled with people’s inherent thinking, this is why foreigners always think that our products are of low quality, and we have to "not steam the steamed buns and fight for our breath." "Improving the quality of our products proves our manufacturing capabilities and makes "Made in China" more acceptable to people in other countries. At least we have established this concept.

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