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A strip of water, raw materials rise, price adjustments

Explanation about the price adjustment of the machine

A strip of water, raw materials rise, price adjustments

Yes, as mentioned in the title of the article, our product prices will be adjusted. Everything depends on the increase in raw materials to determine the extent of our price increase. We will not earn customers a penny. Similarly, when the cost of raw materials decreases, we will also reduce prices. We will never maintain high prices and embarrass our customers. This is our sales method, and we will never take the opportunity to increase prices unreasonably.

First of all, the important motor component suppliers such as the motors and PLCs that have been cooperating with us for many years sent a statement explaining the price increase. The suppliers we cooperated with are all major brands such as Schneider, Siemens, regular brand distributors and manufacturers, and all products are available. Anti-counterfeiting marks, such as fake replacement, because we ourselves are regular, we do not allow ourselves to use fake and inferior products, OEM products to deceive customers, ignoring the conscience to make money, this is also the reason why our product quality has always been excellent. In order to save costs and increase profits, many other small and even larger companies used OEM, fake internationally renowned motors and inverters. This is a serious disturbance to the market and an infringement to consumers... We believe in justice. The people's hearts are free, the eyes of the people are sharp, and they know the good and bad of the machine.

Secondly, the prices of raw materials such as steel plates and steel materials have remained high since last year, which also led to the increase in machine prices. A machine, even an airplane, a huge ship, one missing screw, and a lack of a layer of material will cause the crash of the airplane and the sinking of the ship. Therefore, some insignificant small parts are also very important, and their value is the same. It’s a book that sees the slightest knowledge, and none of them is indispensable. It cannot be replaced and cannot be cut corners. Otherwise, the machine malfunctions, economic loss, or harm to others and self, endangers human health and safety, and has great hidden dangers. Therefore, we are out of our own products. Responsible, responsible for quality. I would rather cost a lot and have no safety hazards, and don’t want to open one eye and close one eye to make money with ignorant conscience. It’s not how "noble" we are, but that those people are too turbid, when turbidity becomes a normal state. , Then sticking to the bottom line becomes a clear stream.

Reputation is created, and iron needs to be hard. The sellers are won by good machine quality and superior service quality, not by speculation and tricks to fool customers. Time will prove everything. Our products The quality is as genuine and indestructible as the steel plates and steels we use. Perhaps when you buy, you will feel that our price is slightly higher than our counterparts, and their quality is like the materials they use. Everything looks harmless to humans and animals. It’s worth the money, because the superficial articles are elaborate enough, and the key parts that really cost money are shoddy and shoddy... We don’t allow this to happen to us. Therefore, all of our prices change with the market and with the changes of suppliers, rather than set in stone, and even expand the market with astounding price cuts to retain customers.


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