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Healthy competition creates unlimited possibilities

Discussion on Fair Competition in the Industry and Colleagues

Healthy competition creates unlimited possibilities

Any corporate giant or industry leader has achieved today's achievements only through wind and rain, big and small. Take today's mobile phone industry, there will be speakers on the release site of various models. Kind regards", yes, this is the case in any industry, but mobile phones and other products are things that people's lives come into contact with every day. Therefore, a small improvement, small progress, mobile phones will be updated immediately for fear that they will be better than other brands of mobile phones. Lag behind. Competing in other industries is equally cruel. After all, "natural selection of materials and survival of the fittest" are only valuable products that are recognized by the people and widely used. After all, no one will buy a pile of broken copper and iron.

"Hundreds of flowers bloom, a hundred schools of thought contend" This is the eternal truth. The market cannot allow only one to dominate. At present, China's packaging machine industry is booming. Whether it is an established large-scale packaging company or an emerging small workshop, each has its own advantages. Respective customers and their respective markets. After all, the customer groups come from all over the world. The radish and greens have their own loves. Everyone is in peace. Each has its own rules. The company's efficiency and market share are also dependent on the company's strength. under the formally benign competition, large companies emphasize product quality, service, improve international image, after-sales quality, and small companies focus on machine performance, increase product audiences, improve innovation capabilities, and improve machine quality to make various packaging machines in the field A new type of packaging equipment turned out to be applied.

However, in such a good environment where you are chasing after me, some companies always want to be clever, thinking about the dream of waiting for work in the spring and autumn, they can always grab some customers by some improper means, and do in product quality. Hands and feet, not to mention allowing customers to buy low-quality machines that do not meet the requirements, and cheating customers for money. This is indeed a violation of business standards, personal ethics, and no conscience. From the perspective of international trade, it is a trick for China’s trade. To curse, without any professional ethics and national concept of right and wrong, you may get some ill-gotten wealth. Over time, you will get bankruptcy of the company. More seriously, it may be a pair of silver bracelets from the police station.

There is always light in the dark. A large packaging company in southern China has been engaged in the packaging machine industry for more than ten years. It has already made a fortune in the international brand. As a Chinese and as a peer, I am proud of it. Its machine is unique and its style is Those with a sense of science and technology are very popular in Europe and America. A few days ago, their leaders exchanged machine technology with us and praised our website. The machine design is very novel and environmentally friendly... and said that there is no sense of defense. It’s impossible. After an hour of communication, I let go of this psychology, because the company’s leaders said that the questions they asked were indeed problems and bottlenecks in the industry, and the words of mutual encouragement were still lingering at this moment. In the ears, this is what the industry should look like, learning from each other's strengths and making up for each other's weaknesses.

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