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American market continues to expand and domestic orders continue

American market expands and domestic demand is strong

American market continues to expand and domestic orders continue

From the establishment of the factory to the present, the factory’s orders have never stopped. Whether it uses unknown magic or is with God’s help, this news weekly will take you closer to Joompac’s shipments and production. The reason for the high production is like rockets.

In fact, there is no reason, just one word, proficient. Proficient is focused on the packaging field for more than 20 years and has never changed the industry. So first of all, the technical aspects are already well-established. Most packaging machines problems, what problems will occur, what causes can be known, what kind of machine the customer is engaged in, and what configuration can help customers solve the problem. This is like professionalism. Doctors treat patients with precision, and treat them to cure. Those manufacturers and enterprises involved in everything are like quack doctors who know a little about various medical skills. Do you dare to see a doctor from here? Dare to sell machines from here? The result is obvious.

"Gathering things together, people grouping together" is inherently strong in professional skills, and we are not afraid of all kinds of problems. We can solve all kinds of problems and solve problems for customers. We can talk about them. Therefore, attracting high-quality loyal customers is a matter of course. Quality customers. Loyal customers value your company's strength, technology, and reputation rather than the trivial price compared with other manufacturers. The expansion of the American market benefits from two large customers, because customers appreciate our Talent, technology, credibility, and our service make them feel at ease. Our historical cooperation and service have made customers very satisfied. This is why we have always maintained cooperation. Customers have not changed buyers, and even the market in the Americas has expanded. Everything is It goes without saying that in the Americas, Joompac brand packaging machines already have a place in the American market. The American market will also be one of the important markets we are competing for. Although the China policy issued by the United States and Canada has a significant impact on China’s export trade. Great influence, but we will always face difficulties.

Turning back to the domestic perspective, in response to the national consumption development strategy, domestic internal circulation is an important opportunity. Although affected by the epidemic, the level of daily industrial production and consumer manufacturing may not reach the previous level, but the domestic consumption and manufacturing boom continues to rise. The domestic market also has a broad market. According to our production records, exports account for more than 60% and domestic accounts for 40%. At present, stand-alone machines, rocker machines, and six breads are the main production models. The current economic development level of our country is consistent with the industrial structure. The domestic charter transfer market can be described as a mixed bag. After all, the Chinese people's imitating ability is still very strong, but the technical capabilities of most manufacturers and the authenticity of the originals need to be studied. Therefore, the products are produced. The quality of the machine is indeed worrying.

However, the current domestic sales performance this year is still good. Our products have been recognized and trusted by more domestic customers. Because of the excellent quality and good service, domestic customers love our products and even help us introduce customers. ……I believe this is not a trivial matter. It is easy to say from the product quality, reputation, etc., to the operation direction of the entire company, from the leadership to the staff, from the character to the service. The entire company exudes vitality and is sincere and attractive. Intrinsic quality is the reason why we have come down. Making products and service with heart is the key to our success.

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