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What is service? You know immediately

The relationship between production art and machine service

What is service? You know immediately

Production is an important driving force for the progress of human society. It continuously meets human needs and promotes the innovation of production methods and tools. When the progress of the times breaks the traditional working methods and production trade, the improvement of efficiency forces the improvement of production tools and methods, and production brings The layer-by-layer superimposition effect has become an important point that cannot be ignored between the buyer and the seller. The buyer is unfamiliar with the seller and "distrusts" it, so he is eager to get more "certification" from the seller, "certificate of qualification" and "production". "Proof" and "after-sales service"... have also come into being, each of which requires the seller to solve the problem in the buyer's heart so that there is no worries about it and place an order from the buyer.

In terms of service, the first step is to strictly control product quality. Good machines naturally use high-quality parts. The so-called "you get what you pay for" business purpose is to make a profit, not to do charity, and it is impossible to configure the same product price gap. It’s very big, and it’s impossible to describe it as “outrageous” at a cheap price. There are reasons for high prices, and there are reasons for being cheap. If you want to be cheap, it is equivalent to agreeing with the value of this machine. When the machine is not used for a few days, it is a problem Don’t blame yourself for a lot of things, because you have already considered these issues at the place of purchase, and the cost/fluke mentality has caused the buyer to think: "Try to buy a cheap one like this / it’s impossible to really have a low-quality one. Let me buy the machine/Many people buy it?"

This is the case. Fishing in troubled waters with low-value products to the high-end market is not a small minority of customers. Therefore, the brand, production process, and materials used for each part of the seller’s products are very important. The assembly of the machines produced by our company during production, The process of trial operation, packaging, etc. are all photos and videos that customers can see. Each process, the progress of each machine, and the parts of the brands used are all original parts. We have all the parts of domestic brands or international brands. Cooperation, from Schneider to Siemens, from Sailor to IKEA..., correspondingly, customers know well, so customers trust us, so customers will repurchase from us, so customers will thank us.

The second point of the level of service quality lies in the proficiency of one's own products. The so-called "technical industry has specialization". When you do this industry yourself, you have a very high understanding and technical foundation of the technical problems of your industry. "Let the bears in a nest", even the upper building is half-knowledge of the product, it is recommended to go home and grow sheep and do not "mistaken the children" and let the employees on the ground floor spend their time in vain. The word "technique" is just next to the handle from the meaning of the word. Isn't it the first step by step to practice continuously and then slowly digest, and then to the professional textbook theory to sublimate what you have learned, felt, and comprehended? It's like a young man learning craftsmanship from a master. You learn it for two or three years, or even a year or two, and you think you’re all Okay. You also want to do it yourself. In fact, it’s like drawing a cat and drawing a tiger. Coming out to show ugliness, on the one hand, disrupts the quality and reputation of the market, and on the other, it may reduce the recognition of "Made in China" by foreign customers.

Therefore, in daily international trade, whoever "serves" the customer comfortably will get this "cake", because the price is certainly one aspect, but the quality and service of the goods are more important to customers. Fortunately, We have always regarded quality and service as the first priority of our production, rather than a price war with our peers. This is why our customers will choose to repurchase instead of looking for a new supplier. What is service? You know immediately.

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