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Middle East market recover and customer cyber security reminders

Restart of the Middle East Market and Cyber Security

Middle East market recover and customer cyber security reminders

The splendid ancient civilization and frequent commercial exchanges have made the Middle East a place where humanity meets and merges since ancient times. Although there are many religious beliefs in the Middle East, every customer in the Middle East is very educated. On the outside, it gives people a sense of detachment and transcendence, a kind of spiritual pure land that only true faith, "souls are saved" and devout believers have.

Yes, during this period of time, according to our back-end data, the enquiry rate of customers in the Middle East market is as high as 65%. This is the peak time in the past two years. The quality of each customer is very high, regardless of identity. The authenticity, the company, the phone, etc. are all real and effective, and the machine has a very professional standard instead of simply asking questions about the length, width and height of the machine goods. The so-called "experts look at the doorway", we and some Middle East The customer’s communication resistance has been reduced a lot, and close contact has been made on the machine configuration, efficiency, conveyor line and other issues. From the machine design drawings to the on-site machine parameter configuration, many customers expressed their gratitude and appreciation for our drawings and explanations. At present, there are already 4 Middle East customers from three different countries planning to purchase machines from our company. One has paid, and two customers are already in the final stage of discussing machine parameters. They have made it clear that they want to buy our machines, and the other customer Due to funding issues, we are considering whether to redeem our other types of machines.

A large number of customer inquiries are not lacking in low quality, fake customers, and even more phishing fraudulent emails and inquiries. From fake emails with links to stolen emails and monitoring of customer emails, we have witnessed the development together. Cases and real cases, we need to make a profit, yes, but we don't want our customers to suffer losses. We would rather not do this trade than hurt them. It is both human nature and a responsible attitude towards customers. Therefore, when the customer and the supplier discuss the payment, they should confirm with the customer through instant chat software such as Whatsapp, Wechat, Skype, etc., and sign each other's seals on key documents.

So what are the means of fraud?

1. Send an email with a link. If you click on it, many of your important passwords will be stolen.

2. Send emails and information that require login mailbox password. Once entered, your account password will be stolen.

3. Send an email to the buyer in the seller's name/similar mailbox to indicate that the seller wants to change the bank account information.


For this reason, whether the seller or the buyer is concerned with payment, it must be clear whether it is the mailbox of the buyer/seller handover. If not, it must be communicated through instant chat software. In China, it is rare to change the bank information account. Yes, most of it is false information. The buyer must not believe it and must verify and communicate with the seller. Only mutual trust can achieve cooperation. For the safety of both parties, we would rather the process be cumbersome than let each other suffer losses. This is our attitude towards each customer.

Joompac, the company's account is always the same, we will not change the company's payment account easily, if there is a change, the company will send each customer an official document with seal and signature, please be careful not to be cheated

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