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Market share in Asia and Europe continues increasing, and brand influence grow

Service and quality create an increase in sales

Market share in Asia and Europe continues increasing, and brand influence grow

When the train loaded with machines slowly moved to the factory, the factory area of Joompac Intelligent stood there. At a glance, it was the shadow of the beginning of the company’s establishment. After many years have passed, it is still the train that has been transported to all countries over time. The countless hopes and wealth, quietly drove to another continent, time has witnessed the rise and fall of the passing passengers, and at a glance is the glorious and glorious moment of Joompac’ intelligence.

Judging from the emails and phone calls of European and Asian customers, the three old friends still have great expectations for the machine. From the initial test order of a few units to the current order of the whole box, from the initial tedious enterprise investigation, stamping Signing and waiting until now, talking and laughing on the phone, visiting each other’s companies on the spot, like a year-long friendship, everything is piled up bit by bit with the quality, service, and strength of our machines. There is no unreasonable flat ground and high-rise buildings. Some Only genuine products, superb technology and all-customer service philosophy, from a small company to the current star of the industry, everything and everything we have built today's scale with our strength.

Last month, only three batches of machines from three customers in Europe and Asia have been shipped out. These are all the contacts and achievements we have accumulated bit by bit. We have worked hard to live up to our lives. With our efforts, our brand It has already gained a certain reputation in Europe. Our company has been searched on Alibaba as a proper term by many customers. Our website has reached 200+ daily page views, and our shipments have reached every At least two 40 cabinets per month, nearly 90 units, which of course benefited from the trust of European customers and the advantages of our product quality.

Our company is still growing. Our goal is still to build the brand into an international brand. We are not complacent because of a little achievement. We are still striving for the quality of the machine. The motor components used are still genuine and original. This is us. Responsibility to our customers and the criteria for our ability to stand on the international stage in the future, we believe in the beauty of a distant place, and the short stay we work for is better like looking back on the beauty of the years. Quality is always our unremitting pursuit. We also believe that in the future, our main markets will not only be distributed in Europe and Asia, but customers in North and South America will also be able to use our high-quality machines, and customers in Africa will also be able to enjoy our value-for-money services. In short, the years are long, but it is worth the wait.

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