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Explain stretch film knowledge to help the company growth

Stretch film common problems knowledge

Explain stretch film knowledge to help the company growth

Recently, some customers asked why there is no nano-level hand stretch film? Simply put, the nano-casting equipment is to make the film stretch the best; and the 33 layers and 55 layers are to strengthen the film's puncture and tear resistance. If the hand stretch film is nano-level, will the employees in the warehouse stretch it to 300% to pack it? In fact, it is impossible to operate that way at all.

Therefore, as early as a few years ago, Joompac company has begun to reduce the thickness of the handle film to 9 microns, 12 microns and 15 microns. This series of hand films all contain at least 70% metallocene. The puncture resistance is very good; and the packaging does not need to be strenuous. This is because the design of the stretch curve is very short; the tightening force of the winding is very good. With the current casting technology, 8 microns is the thinnest. The main reason is that it is not easy to produce such a thin film because of the cold weather, which will often wrinkle. Malaysia is in the tropics, and the temperature is between 24°C and 35°C throughout the year; therefore, it has the greatest advantage in film production.

We have probably all heard of the tension of stretch film after pre-stretching by the wrapping machine, but how is the tension generated and calculated?

I use a simple principle to explain:

Wrapping speed increases + film exit speed slows + cargo circumference is larger = film tension is larger

Wrapping speed slows down + film output speed increases + cargo circumference is small = film tension is small

As shown in the figure, it is the tension touch screen interface. This method is to control the speed of the film by changing the frequency of the inverter. If the "+" is adjusted to the maximum value, the film ejection speed will be very slow; the tension will become larger

In fact, tension cannot be calculated very accurately at all. However, we can analyze it in the following ways:

(The grammage of the unstretched film ÷ the grammage of the stretched film)-Stretching ratio of the equipment = Tension

The size of the tension will affect the shape of the package. Too tight will cause the carton to deform, and too loose will cause the goods to collapse. Therefore, in order to improve the transparency of users for pallet packaging issues, they should listen to the supplier’s suggestions or professional stretch film manufacturers to inquire. This can save packaging materials to the greatest extent and ensure the appearance of the goods after packaging.

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