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China Shanghai World Expo, the proof of Joompac strength

China World Expo, a place to shine!

China Shanghai World Expo, the proof of Joompac strength

Shanghai-Oriental Magic City, a highly open economic and financial center. The World Expo was grandly launched at the Shanghai New International Convention and Exhibition Center. Here, Joompac Company uses its strength to prove what "strength" is, in terms of movie lines. , "Translate what the strength"!

In this exhibition, we once again participated in the exhibition as an exhibitor, taking our six-sided solid waste wrapping system and wrapping environmental protection film as the focus of the exhibition, in line with the theme and concept of this exhibition, and once again harvested a wave of "Fans" ". Various company leaders and chief technical engineers related to garbage disposal stopped in front of our booth and sat on our chairs to have a long conversation with our leaders, learn about our products, and even ordered their “assistant Manager" to take pictures... .. What is strength? This is called strength. Although the solid waste wrapping system is seldom known in our country and has made the leaders of major companies a bright spot, it has been common in foreign countries and has been widely used. In our country, our company has become "the first person to eat crabs." Although a little proud, but also a little guilty, because of this technology, such a machine should be widely used in the country, at least it should be well-known to the public.

As different from many garbage sorting and garbage smashing companies, our machines belong to their downstream or upstream companies, and belong to the novel “Out of the ordinary" company. We did not bring heavy mechanical entities to go, and were not built for use. To make a gimmick handbag, there are only sample books, projectors, laptops, and business cards. What is strength? The strength is that the booths of some companies are not small, the lights are very bright, and the machines are big enough, but they didn’t send out basic sample brochures. Few interested exhibitors asked about their products. We received very few business cards. All the sample books were borrowed and taken away by interested exhibitors, the business cards were distributed, and even on the last day there were still many interested exhibitors who actively exchanged business cards, but we no longer had any extra sample books and business cards for exchange. I have to add friends on WeChat. What is strength? This is what the fuck is called strength.

The aroma of wine is not afraid of the deep alleys, maybe it is a coincidence, or it may be a special visit and come prepared. A large-scale environmental protection company in the south had a profound exchange with us. Yes, he asked about our technology, principles, applications, and even the comparison with CW's products. Yes, the CW Company is very famous abroad. We cannot deny that it has been around for a long time, the technology is more mature, and there are countless cases, but we are not vegetarian. Without this diamond, we dare to take this porcelain work?

Compared with CW Company, our advantage lies in: shorter delivery time, 2-3 months, your machine is ready to go, and companies that love CW products are afraid that they are crying in the toilet, because early production means the garbage can be treated early, end early, recover costs early and create benefits early. Second is the cost of the machine. CW’s product cost is very high, which is prohibitive for companies with low budgets. Our price is one-half, or even one-third of their price, but the quality is comparable. We already have multiple production lines in Guangzhou and Malaysia. There is no problem. This is what we dare to say. The China Construction News has even reported on us. This is true and there is no fraud.

Environmental protection and energy conservation are important legal requirements for the future at the national level. At the social level, it is the consensus of large and small companies. At the personal level, it is the ethical code. Only individuals continue to increase their awareness of environmental protection. The society continues to strengthen environmental protection propaganda. The country continues to strengthen environmental protection law enforcement. Our planet it will be more and more revitalized, and our home will be more and more beautiful. Joompac Intelligence will guard the future of the earth together with you.

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