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2021 Shenzhen International Rubber and Plastic Exhibition, big collision of environmental protection concepts

Two exhibitions in one province, exhibitors also shine

2021 Shenzhen International Rubber and Plastic Exhibition, big collision of environmental protection concepts

After the Guangzhou Environmental Protection Exhibition was held, the International Rubber and Plastics Exhibition were held in Shenzhen Baoan International Convention and Exhibition Center. We also went to Shenzhen to participate in the exhibition non-stop. This time, as an exhibitor, we conducted a two-day understanding and search of the rubber and plastic industry. There are a sea of potential customers, domestic and foreign exhibition merchants, various rubber products, machinery can be described as dazzling, because the entire exhibition is very large, with nearly 20 large exhibition halls, so various product categories are divided into categories very meticulous, but every exhibition hall is shoulder to shoulder.

At this exhibition, we also found some companies and raw material products that can use our machines. Among them, most of the manufacturers in the new material hall have a strong interest in our machines because they have never thought about packaging and palletizing. In the new material exhibition hall, most of their products are powders, master batches, waxes and other environmentally friendly reagent materials. There is no packaging after using large bags, and they are prone to collapse and rupture after stacking. Unrecyclable, causing environmental pollution and other problems, the additional cost caused is very large and a lot of time cost was wasted. After talking with us, I showed my love for our products. It was just like a sudden opening, and I understood where my company should increase production, increase efficiency, and save costs, which can save costs and reduce pollution.

In the plastic machinery exhibition area, we discussed and looked forward to our own products with some upstream and downstream companies. Both upstream and downstream companies must have opportunities and space for cooperation. A palletizer company strongly expressed expectations with us. The company’s willingness to cooperate in the future is not only due to our leaders’ explanations of their product’s mechanical principles, structures, features, and prone problems when viewing their machinery. They are so clear and organized that they think we are their friends. The business is more that our customers sometimes need each other’s machinery, which can be said to be complementary. The leaders of the two companies have many similarities in their own products, business environment, international situation, and green trends. We have kept contact information for each other to facilitate future cooperation.

The Chiapas exhibition was also very rewarding. We realized that new materials such as master batch, talcum powder and other products are the next market we can focus on, because most of the material market is not aware of the packaging and cost issues. , And the material exhibitors are attracted to our machines. Every company wants to reduce costs, improve efficiency, be more environmentally friendly, reduce environmental pollution, and meet the requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency. For this reason, this is our wrapping machine and stretch film has great advantages.

In this exhibition, there are not many surprises in the foreign exhibition halls. The bright products are exhibited and the flow of people is relatively small. The booths of every other domestic product are very popular, which may be the cause of the epidemic. Good products are all in their country, but I personally prefer to believe that our own-made and intelligently manufactured products in China are more and more recognized by domestic and foreign customers, and the result of the country’s promotion of green environmental protection and domestic recycling, we "China "Manufacturing" products are also not lost to foreign countries. I believe that our manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing capabilities, and environmental awareness will become stronger and stronger, and we will go to the world.

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