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Domestic sales are on the rise, and the international exhibition is coming

Domestic project orders coming one after another, the International Exhibition is coming

Domestic sales are on the rise, and the international exhibition is coming

As the temperature picks up, the sales boom also heats up. Many domestic companies have also begun to purchase machines for the company's cost and benefit. At present, domestic customers have realized that the future will be the era of artificial intelligence, and human labor will be used by robots. Replacement, this is unquestionable. Nowadays, some people ridicule "If you don't study hard, even simple manual labor will not use you but a robot, and can move faster than you with a machine." Although it is just a joke, it is also clear. The law of social and economic development, from simple to complex, from single to rich social and economic trends

Just yesterday, our company just took on another big project. At noon, we and  buyer’s leader, and the technical engineer went to the hotel to have a good drink and express the joy of cooperation between the two parties. During the period, the engineer made use of our drawing structure, machine design, and the company’s production. The problems we faced have been solved very well in the machines proposed by our company, and our ideas from the functioning of the machine to the problem-solving combined with the actual situation are very suitable for their company itself, so they are very satisfied and satisfied with our cooperation in the end. Acknowledged, so compliment us. In addition, our company is still in project discussions with many other companies, and everything is proceeding in an orderly manner.

The domestic progress is in full swing, and the export is also a great success. The large quantities of orders signed with many customers are in expedited production. In addition, in mid-April, we will also have two well-known domestic exhibitions in Shenzhen and Shanghai. At the exhibition, I believe that our machinery and equipment will surprise the audience. We also hope that our machinery will be able to face the central enterprises and foreign companies present at this exhibition. This is our current goal to move towards these large-scale, high-end markets. From the mid-range to the mid-to-high-end and then to the high-end, this is our pursuit and witnesses our growth experience.

Whether it’s domestic trade or foreign export, whether it’s a compatriot or a foreign friend, as long as it is a customer, we treat it the same. The quality of our products meets various indicators at home and abroad. Our products can also withstand the testing and use of customers at home and abroad. We will also make our own voices at the two exhibitions, so that domestic and foreign manufacturers will get to know us, our true strength.

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