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All the best, Year of the Ox still raised up

2021 is coming,Go for it

All the best, Year of the Ox still raised up

With the end of the Chinese traditional festival, people have resumed their work from the Spring Festival holiday and continue to immerse themselves in the busy work. We will continue to provide each customer with high-quality service and high-quality products. Thank you for your kindness. With trust and support, we will continue to do our job well to make successful products to serve the public.

The first week of work is the beginning of the link between the previous and the next. We conducted an evaluation of the machine process in production. For customers who pay before the New Year, we will ensure that the machine can be completed on schedule, and even the machine process can be completed ahead of time. This is our responsibility to the customer. Manifestations and obligations. At present, both domestic and foreign customers have always praised us for the machines we sell. What's more, who want to be the retail site of our machines in their country... Facts speak louder than words; many customers have sent me thank you letters, in view of the privacy involved, I will not mention the specific content.

Another point of discussion: the new machine-the "simple” pre-stretch wrapping machine, which is the latest manufacturing achievement of our engineers, which not only saves machine manufacturing costs, but also realizes the majority of ordinary pre-stretching machines The function has been realized. This machine is not only economical and durable, but also has a very good packaging effect. It is not much different from the efficiency of the T100 series of ordinary pre-stretching machines. For those customers with small budgets and low machine efficiency, they will buy Home is a very good choice. In the future, our company will focus on launching this machine. This machine is designed in response to the requirements of many buyers in different countries, serving the broad market, and buyers, inspiring to make every customer affordable and able to use the high-quality packaging machine.

In addition, during the meeting, we discussed one of the most frequently asked questions from inquiring customers-why are our prices higher than those of other manufacturers? We analyzed this issue, comparing technology, machines and parts and products, and letting customers rank from a bunch of machine photos and videos (without nameplate signs). The result is that our machines can always be ranked Regardless of the appearance of the machines at the front; the machines at the back are not running well. As a supplier of packaging machines, how can we not know the prices on the market? We have many years of cooperative relations with suppliers such as Siemens, Schneider, etc. We have already bought important parts of the machine at very favorable prices, and we have not made huge profits from them. Not so much our machines are expensive, everyone. We should consider why their machines are so cheap. Why are the top ones in the bunch of machines that customers call "high prices", and the ones behind are all "low prices"? Think about the reasons for it yourself.

Finally, I wish you all the best for the 2021 Year of the Ox. If you have any questions, please contact us. We will serve you wholeheartedly.

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