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Open ideas and expand product areas

New fields, new starting points, helping new enterprises

Open ideas and expand product areas

It seems like a blink of an eye from spring flowers to the late autumn wind, but this blink is already the last month of 2020, too hurried.

At present, the recognition of companies that need customized packaging solutions at the Nanjing Gypsum Board Exhibition is still continuing, and our leaders are still running around companies. Although hard and time-consuming, they have been rewarded. It will be the end of 2020 and 2021. At the beginning of the year, good conditions have been created. Yes, as a member of Joompac, from company leaders to workshop workers and sales personnel, the attitude and quality of being responsible to customers has always been ours. pursue.

It can be said that we are also the machinery manufacturing industry. This time we are cooperating with a large-scale machinery manufacturing company A in the south. This is our new industry. Although we have cooperated with some machinery manufacturing companies in foreign countries before, it is like A This is the first time for a company of this size and the number of packaging machines required, so it can be said that this business is a new field. Our company has always been brave to explore new industries and new fields, because only by constantly breaking through itself can we continue to grow and rank among high-quality, "famous companies". In addition, as an established company with more than 20 years of history, it has a long-term vision and sense of structure. It should be what every leader should have, so our dream has always been "stars and the sea". We hope to enter various fields and help enterprises grow faster and better.

Indeed, the scale of company A's factory and the number of machines can be described as breathtaking. Although it is a new field, in the 4-day factory inspection, according to the requirements of the company, specific problems of each factory were analyzed, and a variety of different types of packaging machines were used. The packaging units were matched and packed according to the actual situation. It not only achieves high-efficiency, safety, and low-cost packaging, but also perfectly integrates the factory’s own transportation and production lines without hindering the production of the machine. It does two things with one stone. The so-called new field is just a product difference. As long as it meets our packaging range, our packaging Type, we will use our service to let customers get the lowest cost and best packaging design.

We drew it into drawings based on the data obtained from the field investigation, coupled with the theory and technology of our leadership engineering background, and successfully answered the company’s questions very thoroughly and clearly. Yes, we are accurate to every winding for our customers. How long does it take, how many consumables (films) are needed for winding a circle, what is the cost of packaging using xxx materials, how long is the packaging time, what is our cost......? A series of comparisons and our machine operation, consumable testing, use Our machine, our packaging design is the most economical, the fact is, the fact is good at eloquent.

After a four-day inspection, we have successfully passed various questions from the client company and submitted a satisfactory answer sheet. Of course, because it is our new industry, we should give a score of 12 points. The spirit and professional technology provide services. Practice has proved that we can not only enter new industries and new fields, but also get offers from customers. This is a proof and affirmation of our ability.

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