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Offline invitations and visits, the temptation of product quality

Exhibition results show, Joompac fame and fortune

Offline invitations and visits, the temptation of product quality

It has been some time since the Nanjing Gypsum Board Exhibition ended, but our journey is far from over, it can even be said that it has just begun. The flood of invitations, the endless stream of telephone consultations, this is tired and happy. At present, more than a dozen companies have conducted technical exchanges with us, whether it is video conferences, technical explanations, and every customer who inquires has already expressed recognition and praise for our packaging solutions.

Three of them have already started cooperation. Among them, Company A is a large chemical raw material company in the south. It has a history of more than ten years. It is currently the top in the industry. The current company boss is ambitious and inspiring to do the best in every link. In product manufacturing, R&D and production are already impeccable in the existence of domestic high-tech, so drastic changes have been made in product shipment and packaging, and we have had a very close interaction with us at the gypsum board exhibition. Yes, the boss of Company A has a long-term vision. Not only does he realize that the labor cost is much higher than the machine price, but the factory will eventually abandon most of the labor force in the future, leaving only a small part for supervision and inspection. In addition, our packaging system can make their products better, the packed goods have moisture and corrosion resistance can greatly reduce the damage during transportation. Therefore, when we visited, the two hit it off and signed the order immediately. We made a detailed packaging layout based on the customer's on-site inspections, which not only matched their own manufacturing lines, but also improved the transmission efficiency, once and for all.

Compared with company A, the two companies B and C , we are more comfortable. Yes, they took the initiative to visit and came on the same day, but the two did not know each other. Company B is a gypsum board company. Company C is a personal factory. We have all explained in detail, from the parts of the machine to the working principle, from the theoretical parameters of the machine to the actual demonstration of the factory. We not only use our mouths to decorate our machines, but also Speaking with facts, according to the different situations of the two customers, we customized a set of packaging lines for customer B, and recommended a single packaging machine for customer C according to actual needs and budgets, which respectively met the needs of the two customers and minimized the cost. After three days of explanation, the actual inspection of the factory has recognized our strength and technology. We have the ability to make their company and factory better, and have the ability to make customers believe in us, so the customer decided to do it with us immediately Cooperation.

Yes, this exhibition can be said to be quite fruitful. Not only will our packaging machine be about to set off a wave in China, but our brand will continue to be famous in China. Yes, this is what we want. We do it not only for benefit, but also to do our best in the packaging industry, but also to be the leader in foreign countries. Not only do we need to let the people know the brand of “Joompac” packaging machine, but also let foreigners take the lead. When we talk about the packaging machine, we will think of "Joompac". This is our goal. We pay more attention to quality and brand rather than profit. The more customers we make, the more customers are recognizing our products. We will continue to do our part, and the more we will make better machines to serve customers and society.

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