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The authenticity of low price and high configuration and the choice of buyer's machine configuration

Configuration affects the overall performance and performance of the machine

The authenticity of low price and high configuration and the choice of buyer's machine configuration

As a manufacturer that has been engaged in the export of packaging equipment for more than 20 years, the most frequently asked customers are: what is this performance + that performance price, this configuration and that configuration, what is the difference between this brand and that brand? what is the price?

Value determines the price. The more functions implemented by the same machine, the higher the price. Take our T100 pre-stretched wrapping machine as an example. If you want to automatically clamp the film and automatically break the film, you only need to press the remote control and the button. Realizing all the functions, the price reflection is not only a simple addition of the prices of other equipment such as automatic film breaking and welding film, but also the installation of machinery, the application of brand parts and so on. Take Siemens and Schneider inverters commonly used in our machinery as examples. What are the advantages of these two brand-name configurations?

Siemens inverters have stable performance, rich combination functions, high-performance vector control technology, low-speed and high-torque output, good dynamic characteristics, innovative BiCo (internal functional interconnection) function and high flexibility. The Schneider inverter is mainly used to control and adjust the speed of three-phase AC asynchronous motors. It also has very stable performance, rich combination functions, good dynamic characteristics, super overload capacity and unparalleled flexibility. The inverter market occupies an important position.

These two inverters are also very famous in the world brands. In terms of our purchase cost, Schneider inverters have technical advantages. The price is slightly higher than that of Siemens inverters, and the price of other domestic brand inverters is much higher. , And according to our field tests on the customer’s site, the actual data obtained by different brands of inverters are different. Brand-name inverters have their high prices. They are not only stable in operation, excellent in data, but not easy to malfunction and easy to repair, including domestic Although the inverters of brands are also stable, their performance in each parameter is still different from those of other brand-name inverters.

However, the cycle of Schneider inverters is relatively long, and we must ensure that all parts and components are genuine and original, not only responsible for customers, but also for our brand. Therefore, we also provide machines at different prices because of the different configurations required by customers, so our machines are the best quality in the same price. If you ask whether there are high-quality, low-cost, low-cost and high-quality machines, the answer is definitely no. It is just that compared to the customer's requirements, or budget recommends a low-grade, low-quality low-cost machine that makes the customer feel that this is "low" The price is high."

Parts and configurations have a great impact on the machine. Therefore, I hope that buyers will not be greedy for cheap when buying machines. Only with good machine quality can the machine last longer.

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