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Keeping pace with the times is a long-term vision, and continuous innovation can lead to the forefront of the times.

Shandong Joompac Intelligent technology company cooperated with haver technologies,successfully developed packaging machinery for its chemical plant in Gansu, leaving a strong mark for our company in the process of entering the chemical industry.

Keeping pace with the times is a long-term vision, and continuous innovation can lead to the forefront of the times.


Hello August! No matter how hot the summer heat is, the enthusiasm of the hardworking workers cannot be resisted. Watching the long truck loaded with machines slowly drive out of the park, the long-suffering Jooopac workers completed another big project.


Yes, we, Joompac Intelligent Technology, silently manufacture machines for major companies in various fields, but in our opinion, this is not just a wrapper, a machine, but the oars and sails that each entrepreneur realizes his dream, rides the wind and waves. For the sail of a long voyage, although we cannot decide the direction and future of the enterprise, we can make each entrepreneur more easily approach their ideals.

 We cooperated with Haver of Germany to manufacture packaging machines for its chemical plant in Gansu. You know that the chemical industry has a very high risk factor and requires very high equipment. General equipment is not allowed to enter the chemical industry. Because "life is at stake", then why is our equipment OK?


Because our equipment is not ordinary. First of all, in terms of safety, our machine complies with the international CE certification, national safety monitoring report, and the environmental factors that we fully consider when manufacturing equipment affects the machine. The key components are made of stainless steel, and the body steel plate is thicker than ordinary equipment. Oxidation, acid and alkali corrosiveness is good. The equipment is equipped with safety nets, warning lights and emergency stop switches. Always put the safety of operators and workers first.

Secondly, our company has been in the packaging industry for more than 20 years and has stood firm and unconventional. It has been involved in the operation and packaging of all walks of life. The technical department has more than 20 years of work experience. The ability of engineers is beyond your imagination. Although we are not The cheapest, but we are the best quality, because we sell dreams and not cheap goods. The equipment that customers buy on the road to success is not consumables that are worn out and thrown away and need to be repaired.

Finally, our delivery, short manufacturing cycle, can very quickly and comprehensively meet all customers' requirements for machines, and have excellent performance in terms of packaging efficiency, saving packaging costs, power consumption, and time saving. After all, we are environmentally friendly. A leader in the packaging industry.

Our company keeps up with the pace of the times and thinks about every inquiry "Can we enter the XXXX industry?" "Is this more efficient?" "Can this reduce more costs?"... .Our company's products have been involved in most of the industries in the current society. If we are blindly stubborn and can't keep up with the trend, our business will only get smaller and smaller, and eventually we will face bankruptcy. Fortunately, our leaders have a lofty vision, continuous learning, innovation, and exchanges and learning with large companies at home and abroad, that is what we are today.

The cooperation with Haworth Group in the chemical industry is just one of our many projects. I believe that through continuous innovation, continuous learning and research and development, we will definitely enter more fields that we have not explored in the future, and will surely help the company save more costs.


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