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Comparing your heart with heart, sincerity is the foundation of cooperation

Joompac wrapping machine Craftsmanship, South Korean customers ordered 24 sets machine with high quality, and the German partner sent a thank-you letter.

Comparing your heart with heart, sincerity is the foundation of cooperation

Recently, because of the continuous order, our factory is too busy to deal with, whether it is technical staff, sales staff or the company's leadership, all together, in order to ensure that the client machine can be completed as scheduled, the general manager is also doing his best to work with employees in the workshop factory Work together to assemble machines.

How many leaders can work hard to put down the title of the company's leader and join the workshop with ordinary employees? The Korean customer said in the telephone communication with us. Indeed, being the leader of a company is the face of the company, but our leaders work with ordinary employees in the workshop, doing the same thing, laughing together, you hand me a wrench, I pass you the screws. Perhaps this is the soul and spirit of a company.

The success of a company is partly due to the companys leaderships decision-making policy, and partly to the companys employees. Even if the leaderships decision-making is excellent, the policy guideline is perfect, the companys employees are proactive, lazy, incompetent, disobeyed, and the product is completely messed up. This is a company's sorrow. If the leaders dont pay any attention to the companys products and know nothing about it, they only seek results and profits, and machines cut corners, which will be a misfortune of a national industry. It may be that the Korean customer feels very deeply about this, so the Korean customer directly ordered 24 machines on the phone. It is worth mentioning that the last batch of machines ordered by the customer has just been shipped, and it is only after no more than two weeks later, orders came one after another.

"Very good! Your machine is the best I have ever seen." The German dealer, Mr. X wrote in the email. This is the greatest support for our products, our efforts, and our brands. Different pursuits and different directions, Joompac pursues the convenience, efficiency, intelligence and economy of packaging. Some companies pursue low-cost, high-price, high-value-added enterprise development benefits. Enterprises that follow our path of development must stand the test, whether it is the company's profit, loss, technology maturity, old or new, they must continue to go back and forth, after the storm will eventually be a rainbow. And the company pursuing profiteering is probably just about to fall into the wind and rain, you are deceiving customers, teasing your conscience, the ending will be cruel, and the fate will joke with you, pulling you from the high position. 

Yes, we were glorious once, and we will be brilliant again. Joompac Intelligent Technology, the smart packaging choice around you.

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